Getting started

React Native Modalfy concept came from a need we felt at colorfy. Some of our apps required a very specific use of modals, with sometimes the need to display and hide a lot of them. Another requirement we had was to be able to fine-tune the animations.

Unfortunately after trying some great alternatives like React Native's own Modal or React Native Community's Modal, they didn't really fit our needs; as we ended up with really long files for screens where the "modals logic" was getting complex. That motivated us to opt for a "compile time focused" API.

After reading this documentation you'll realize that React Navigation has been our main source of inspiration for it. Huge props to all the contributors for its simple and yet performant API!

If you think about it: modals are simply another form of "navigation between screens". React Navigation being the navigation library we use at colorfy (and incidentally one of the most used React Native navigation libraries), taking inspiration from there API looked like a good choice.

Note: Given that React Native Modalfy uses the new React Context API added in React 16.3.0 (but you should use v16.3.1+), we'll require you to use at least react-native@^0.55.0.

Try it now

If you want to experience the library by yourself and then come back afterwards, there is a demo app available on Expo:

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